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The additional price you pay for a MB factory part is generally warranted as compared to the amount of labor required to redo the repair if you had used an aftermarket part.

We are lucky in that this forum gives us the opportunity to discuss the differences between a factory part and a aftermarket part.

Case in point:
Oil cooler lines. Factory parts are generally the same or less than the aftermarket parts (300D). The SDL factory lines are about 50% more. BUT we have heard on this very board, that the aftermarket lines are not made as well and this particular part can do catastrophic damage if it fails. Result: not worth the risk.

Window regulators: My 300D rear regulators are the same part whether from the factory or purchased outside the factory distribution chain. Risk: none.

Tail Lights: They are made by Bosch, buy the cheapest Bosch unit. Risk: none.

I also believe that the value of the dollar has influenced the aftermarket parts MORE than the factory parts. I have noticed that the aftermarket parts have gone up in price more rapidly than the factory parts prices. Perhpas MB is not as organized with their parts system as a company (World Pac) whose only business is parts.

Plus I get 20% off the parts at the dealer. That helps the equation.

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