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Silly me, I should have search for "hood star ornament" earlier. Came up with Brian's input (which so far I think is the best method of removing the star). I dont know if you're reading this, but thanks Brian! And of course to all the pals who have contributed his 2 cents worth, it has been a great help. Here's Brian's message:
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Guys, Guys -- I believe there's a much easier way. If your "stars" are anything like my 1986 2.3-16V star, then you all are going about it the HARD way. The star assembly basically "sandwiches" the grille frame using spring pressure between the star (exterior) and its formed sheetmetal "bellhousing" (interior; which encloses the spring). No need to remove the spring retaining "bar" and disassemble to remove your stars. Get a pair of pliers and grab the end of the bellhousing; pull up to extend the spring and twist the entire assembly 90-degrees (you'll know which way to twist as it'll only go one direction). This will line up the bellhousing with the keyhole cutout in the grille frame. Wiggle gently and your entire star assembly will come out intact. To install, just do the opposite -- feed the assembly through the keyhole, pull on the bellhousing and twist 90-degrees.

Hope this helps.


Once again, this forum has never fail to disappoint, cheers!

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