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Minor clarification - OE is dealer "genuine Mercedes" parts. However 'OEM' (Original Equipment Manufacturer) means the same mfr makes the part for Mercedes, but the OEM item may (or may NOT) be the same as OE, and is essentially aftermarket. Sometimes MB has higher standards/specs and the OE part costs more, but the mfr chooses to make the same item to their own specs - what they consider "good enough" - and sell it to parts retailers as OEM. Same mfr, different quality part. Make sense?

Anyway - I agree completely, and most of the items I buy are OE dealer parts. Both Rusty and Caliber sell dealer parts at wholesale (MBNA list, minus 20%.) Sometimes this is *cheaper* than the WorldPac aftermarket price!! And some aftermarket items suck - the 124 speedometer cable is ~$35 aftermarket, and is junk compared to the ~$80 OE part. Other items should have near zero difference - suspension/steering parts, brake rotors, etc. One interesting item was wheel bearings. The OE kit was $50/side, the OEM was $25/side, and it turned out to be an SKF 'Made In Germany' kit! That was one time I was glad I saved the $50. Other times (like the speedo cable), I wish I had spent the money for OE.

The May 2004 dealer price list is here - download the 1.4MB Zip file,, unzip the 8MB text file, open with Notepad or Wordpad:

It pays to be informed - not all dealers charge MBNA list price, some charge significantly more, especially for small items.

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