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Well thats a good question I regards to the short block I make the assumption that that will solve the problem because the problems with these engines occurs (usually) in the bottom end rather that the head/turbo.
but in my case it was worth the extra money to get 1.The new modified head 2.The 48 month parts and labor warranty from MB with the long block rather than the 1 year with the short block.
In talking with the regional MB rep he says that the quality of diesel fuel stateside has had an impact on these cars....but MB reps all over the country are telling that to 3.5 diesel maybe that a statement MB wants to make. But anyway I was told that they had no problems with this car(engine) in other countries...go figure...
In regards to the 1994-95 ..they are the same as the 1992-1993....but remember somepeople never had problems with these cars,...I have seen some in excess of 200K that never had problems...not sure if those people took better care of their cars or what?..If you buy one of these find out if any engine work has been done...hopefully by an MB dealer so you can go back on MB if you have any problems
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