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Hi Larry:

On my '87 300E, the turn signals fit on the car seperately from the headlights, and in fact have to be removed from the body (by squeezing the tab at the rear)in order to get to the headlights. I bought used Euro lights off a grey market car, no turn signals included, and they work perfectly with my stock indicators.

Are you going to try to find 500E Euro lights to get the pencil beam driving light, or stick to 300E Euros. If you don't need fogs and do country driving, I would think the fog light wiring and switch could be used to control the driving light, which uses the same 55W H3 bulb as the fog unit. The switch and wire don't care about the reflector/lens design.

Good luck, and while you are in Germany, pick up some Philips Vision Plus H4 bulbs - same wattage as the stock, but a claimed 50% more light on the road from a more usable beam pattern! They aren't available in the US yet - just the "premium" plus 30% Philips.

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