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Well, I went to go change it today only to find that you have to drop the exhaust to get to the nut on the driveshaft. It is right above the center muffler on this Kalifornia model.

One question: Yesterday, my mechanic pressed in a new ball joint on the lower front right. He inspected the rest of the front end and said everything was fine. Two months ago, the alignment shop declined to align the car until the struts, idler arm and ball joint were replaced.
The shocks are "dry". If that means that the chrome shaft at the top of the strut under the bellows have no oil on them, then does that mean they are okay? The mechanic also said nothing ill about the idler arm.

The lower right ball joint was replaced, but the left front tire is wearing on the outside edge?

So to sum up, should I replace the idler arm and struts or neither?? Those struts are expensive, I'd hate to replace a decent pair for no reason.
Now that I think about it, I should replace the questionable idler arm while the exhaust is down.

Sorry for the ramble!
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