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Rate you vs them...would you ever let a "typical" Pro touch your car?

Honestly I myself am terrible, the only way I've done what I've done is with this Forum's Help and through stubborness and perseverance..sometimes I think between stabbing myself with screw drivers, dropping transmissions on my head ( 7 stitches), over torquing and stripping key nuts and pins, and tripping over myself (all things I have done) I am surprised I've got the jobs done I have....
Another note, once in South Jersey at the Blackwood K Mart I ran into one of the best shops I ever knew, Noel and Mike were the mechanics and Aaron was the manager. Noel was a huge wild brute with ear rings, a pony tail and tattoos and a Chopper but he had a honest heart and he was the only one I would let align my car..Mikey was a sweet kid, 24 years old with 6 children already and Aaron was the quintessal acne faced 32 year old skinny toothpick KMart manager who didnt know a spark plug from a drain plug but was an honest decent guy and somehow kept Noel and Mike on schedule/ in budget( though they always joked about how little he knew about cars)...that was 15 years ago..
I've been fairly luck with shops, and have generally run into decent people, and yes i wouldnt mind letting others touch my car except (1) I cant afford it and (2) Some problems aren't easily diagnosed in one 30 minute visit--you have to follow the car and problem through iterations and know its "personality" (3) I LIKE FIXING things myself and the Satisfaction I get...
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