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Davis Lo
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The followings are some of my friends and mine experiences w.r.t. their Mercedes' auto tranmissions:
(Note: 90% TRAFFIC in HK is GO-AND-STOP city driving)
Friend: 1987 W124 230E- slippage at 50,000 miles
Ex-boss: 1989 W126 300SE- slippage at 40,000 miles
Friend: 1986 W124 260E- unacceptable harsh shift and get used to it...Trans rebuilt 3 times in mileage of 190,000 miles
My secretary: 1994 C220- Bought at 11,000 miles and harsh shift since then.
My business partner: 1994 E220- harsh shifts since 20,000 miles...and now getting worse at 40,000 miles
Friend: 1992 W140 500SEL- slight harsh & slip and still decide what to do...
Friend: 1994 W140 600SEL- shift noticable since new (too much torques???)
Mine: 1990 W126 300SEL- rebuilt at 45,000 miles

Ex-boss: 1991 W126 560SEL- 22,500 miles shifts silky smooth
Friend: 1998 CLK230 Compressor- new electronic trans,shifts smoothly, precisely and quickly.
Mine: 1995 W140 S320L- shifts perfectly at 25,000 miles and hopes keeping on...
Friend: 1993 W124 E280- 30,000 miles, trans runs perfectly smooth...

They perform not very well generally and Mercedes should learn something from Toyota's bullet proof ECT-i transmissions.

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