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Good Day Troy,
I live in the DFW area myself and I've been to Ewing ******** before. It love going after thugs like these and I won ALL the time. Anyway, this is what you need to do and trust me, this has worked for me before with Nissan, GTE, Southwestern Bell, Pizza Hut and Stadium Toyota.

1. Copy (CC)ABC News Prime-Time Live's Sam Donaldson's Office in your next written communication with them. Also if you speak to them over the phone, tell them that Sam Donaldson's office is looking into this matter for Prime Time Live's possible nationwide broadcast. You can obtain Sam Donaldson's address in ABC's website.

2. Call Carla Winfrey's Office. (I believe she is with Ch5, may be Ch4, but you can call either one of these channels to be sure). She is one of the local TV investigative reporters and she very aggressively goes after these dealers who practise, in my opinion, pure thuggery. You may also contact Brett Shipp at CH8.

In case the above two measures don't work, get in touch with the local State (Texas) Reps and the Texas Attorney Generals Office. There is a special cell in the Texas AG's office that deals with these thugs. But, I believe the first two steps above should get your problem resolved in a hurry. Trust me, I have had GTE (currently Verizon) refund my money by overnight FedEX after they saw Sam Donaldson's Office being CC'd in my communication. Nissan paid $780 towards a compressor, Pizza Hut gave me $50 worth of coupons, Stadium Toyota performed $410 worth of repairs.
Good Luck and please keep us posted.
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