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I hope my post didn't come out as saying that I thought they were fraudulent. I was merely trying to give him a list of things I would possibly do if I were in the same situation.

Igenerally just let the lawyer handle it, but I also always document every conversation I have with companies when I call them for help, or when they call me for something.

That way I can reference back and say to them "well on this date at this time, I spoke to so and so and they told me this.

Thats how I got into college actually. They told me I needed to do certain things before they would accept me, I documented the call, and when I did those things and they tried to give me a hard time, I pulled out the documentation and read off to them what they had told me, and I of course got in.

My only point in what my response meant was that he should be as thorough as possible to make sure he gets the problem resolved properly.

I also did point out that shops that do those kinds of things are why some people think that all shops are bad, just because of a few bad eggs.

luckily I am friends with my body shop guy, and I would rather have him take 6 months to fix the car, I know when I get it back, it will look better than it did when it was new.

You wouldn't belive how good my dad's car looks, and he has been in several major damage accidents with it. in fact he has had his previous insurance co, drop his insurance because of all the money they had to pay out for repairs to his car, but my body shop friend made the car look better than new, and when he changed the color of the car, it came out looking perfect, no orange peel, and like glass, and you cannot tell at all what color the car used to be. He strips the car down and rebuilds basically the whole thing, painting everything, inside the panels with factory paints, the engine compartment with factory paints, and he can even match any paint perfectly, including mettalic paint and custom colors.

I've seen him take an extended cab pickup of his, extend the cab, put in suicide doors, and a long bed, and the thing looked perfect. I've also seen him take a wrecked 300e, and I mean the front was trashed, and return it to perfect condition with no hints of any accident.

I've seen him actually remove the outer vehicle sheet metal and replace it on some cars.

I have another friend who owns a body shop and he fixes limos for this limo company all the time, and the cars come out perfect.

He will spend extra time on the rack until he gets the car perfectly square and true.

Not all shops are crooked, and not all shops do bad work, but when one has done bad work and refuses to fix the problem, not only is it bad business, but it is cheating the customer out of his time, and money.

Most shops I know for body work are more than glad to repair someone elses work, that is if they remove all the work the other person did and redo it themselves.

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