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Before you make statements as to your oil filter removing the Moly additive, you might check the sieve size of your filter and the molecular size of the Moly.
Your remarks are profound, but you might want to investigate Moly at an see if you find data worthy of your curiouisity.
No additive will remove problems with defective lifters. Those that may help are the solvent type not the VI (viscosity-index improvers) types as Moly.
A mature motor oil?
As for Mobil I, that subject has be around for years, it has been discused and rediscused.
It may help your engine run cooler if you used tne recommended coolant ratio as noted in your Engine Service Manual, NOT 75/25 especially in Florida, but 1:1 coolant to water.
Living on the Gulf Coast, I rairly have to be concerned about freezing temperatures, but I still drain flush and neutralize using M/B stuff, then refill with the red stuff.
It's so Cheapo, I just couldn't pass a bargin every spring as the manual recomends.
Check the color of your coolant.
Use the red colored stuff.
DO NOT use the green crud.
Drain and refill as you feel needed.
Your RedLine water wetter is a good choice to improve the adhesion of your coolant.
I hope we don't have to go through another new members wanting to bring motor oils to the party.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston!!!
Donald, El Cheapo

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