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Welcome To Asia...

You will find, round-eyes, that most asian countries do not approve of people driving around in "old" cars. Japan is notorious for junking automobiles well before we would here in the U.S.

When I was in Japan, I never even saw a car with "bondo" or "primer" on it! If it's older than 10 years, or needs body work, it's junk. And good luck on finding any used parts, most of them are shipped to the states for resale...

In fact, there's a company here on the west coast that specializes in just importing "retired" Japanese engines for re-sale here in the states!

Different culture, different values, different part of the world. Flow with the stream, grasshopper, it has already been flowing for thousands of years before you were born.

Living is the Orient is an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy it and learn all you can, but most of all, learn to appreciate, and respect this ancient culture...
"We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror."
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