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Davis Lo
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Cars in HK are very expensive and costly to run .They are NOT necessities BUT Luxury. Also, The price of petrol in HK is most expensive in the world...
According to HK's regulations, a brand new car will have its warrant of fitness starting at the age of 6- That means your car will have to pass a quite strict inspection especially the emission test in order to be valid on the road. The best deal is to let the garages to handle it but they always charge you a lot to "tidy up" your car ??? before inspection totally about 500-600 US in which only 100 is the inspection fee. If your car is a older model one, it may cost a lot more $$$. As a result, people tend to "throw" their old cars away for newer ones. That is why old models are always cheap as nobody wants one. People in HK always want newer, newer and newer models and indeed HK is a real "THROW AWAY AND NOTHING LASTS LONG" world.-I DON'T LIKE THAT

Junkyards are no longer in SEK KUNG but there are numerous in a particular road called COM TIN in Yuen Long area of New Territories. As you are in HK Isaland, you may take THE FOLLOWING ROUTINE :

1. Take MTR TO KOWLOON TONG station
2. Then get in the KCRC (East Railway)
3. Go to Fan Lan Station and get off
4. Find a GREEN Mini bus to COM TIN in the fan lan transport conversion center (Just next to the FAN LAN Station)
5. Once the bus goes in the Com Tin road, get off wherever you want- Junkyards are so large and many that you may take more than a day to walk around.
Its quite easy to get lost in that complicated transpot network...BE CAREFUL AND ALWAYS ASK PEOPLE ON ROAD...

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