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Originally Posted by Chris Martens

here we go again.
Sorry to read that yesterday was not a complete success.

Do you remember what I wrote you yesterday:
New alloy rings for the tensioner are a good idea.

It's a bit difficult to get the inner part of the tensioner right into the outer part because of the tension of the spring and the angle the tensioner has to be mounted.
I managed to bend the small alloy ring when I did it the first time. Everything was tightened but lots of oil spilled over the altenator.

So get new rings from the dealer, pull the tensioner and mount it again without bending the small ring.

bis denn,

1989 300TE
1984 2.3-16
hi chris

i was pretty gutted as 5 litres of duckhams finest said hello to the drive....

I noted your comment re the alloy rings. I had purchased the tensioner "kit" from the dealer so it came with the new rings, these where installed but as you said, screwing the assembley together is so hard due to the spring pressure and the angle it sits at. I will take the tensioner out tonight and see if I damaged one of the rings.

I'll report back in the next day or so, thanks again for your help.


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