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I recently purchased a 91 300CE-24 (EURO Model)). This is my first MB and as I read more and more and inspect other cars, I have found a couple of differences I can't explain.

The first has to do with the hood: I have a hood very similar to that on the 92 S Coupe (W-140) It has the wide grille with a flat star emblem on the hood and the large star built into the grille. I do have similar headlights to the 124 but the fog lamp portion is behind the grille and shine out through it.

The second has to do with the suspension. The car is extremely firm, but does ride well. The front end is very low when compared to other 124's. The is about 1 finger of clearance between the fender and the top of the tire.

This may be a normal option for Euro Models, I have only been able to compare pictures of US Spec Coupes but a couple of buddies of mine have European version sedans. At first I thought it may be a sportline, but from what I've read that was not available until 1992.

One other note. My antenna appears to be built into one of the windows. All the sedans here have an antenna mounted in the right rear quarter. Radio reception is terrible.

Does anyone know of a way to use the VIN number to decode information on the original specs of this car and are these typical for the EURO models

Thanks in advance for any insight


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