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It sounds like some body work was done on your car! The sites and have hoods and grills like you describe - I don't know of a w-124 where the fog lights shine through the grill except with these kits. I will also bet your car has aftermarket springs and handling, and maybe they removed the antenna. Look for differences in the paint in the body where the antenna goes, and look inside the trunk to see if you can see any signs of the original antenna mounting. There is a picture of a W124 coupe that looks like your description at the first site above as well.

Under the hood of my W124, right in front of the radiator, is a metal plate with a lot of numbers. The 3 digit numbers are paint codes, upholstery codes, option numbers, etc. which can tell you how your car was equiped when shipped. The codes may be decipered at this link:

Good luck, hope this helps.

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