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Originally Posted by Chris Martens

the forum is up again but: is you beast running now?

bis denn,

1989 300TE
1984 2.3-16
and no

it ran tonight, i ran it for about 2 minutes.

It started ok and didnt leak any oil - so thats 1 thing!

It doesnt sound right though, I cant place what the problem is but the engine sounds slightly unusual and for some reason now idles rough and lumpy - although if you hold a steady 2000 or so rpm it runs ok.

The engine kind of sounds like its whirring - hard to describe really. I'm sure it may be rattling slightly too....I took the valve cover off, checked all the tourque of the cam bolts, checked everything stilll lines up, checked link in chain was ok; fine.

No idea whats caused the idle/rough running problem, the engine's been apart for a few days and the weather hasnt been great, mabe it will clear? I need to double check I havent knocked a wire off or something whilst doing the work although I didnt really have to remove much....

Will take another look over the weekend.....

so close, yet so far.......
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