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Oh boy, I suppose you carry the eggs to the pancake house for breakfast too!

What the H kind of mechanic do YOU use, is he also located under a shade tree. How many other parts of the cost of auto repair does he by-pass for you. Does he pay taxes, buy insurance, workers comp, does he get HEALTH INSURANCE. Does he live in a shack because he lets people like you beat him out of a decent wage.

I presume he isn't going to do this in a real shop as it would not happen in a REAL shop. I say this because we are on the internet. If you called me with such a proposal I wouldn't waste my time with these obvious reasons as I have one reason for never doing such things: I ABSOLUTELY do nothing which isn't fully warranteed for the same interval the dealer would warrantee the job. Don't tell me you are going to accept the warrantee problem, B*llSh**. When your brakes are squeeling next week the best your tech is going to get out of it is a bad reputation.

I have spend a good part of my life helping "sometimes MB techs" and DIYers fix cars and I've loved every minute. But, it really rattles my cage when I see people butting in line or shortchanging the system at others expense. I will take it all back if you show me pictures of your house versus his house, your health insurance versus his insurance. Buy your parts, ask your questions, I am happy to help you do the job. If you want a professional to do it, pay the price and let his family have health insurance.

Thanks I needed that, I have to write another technical article today and I sometimes need a jump start (bg).
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