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In the fifties, my Dad had a small but very well respected independent garage. It was a much different time in those days and the parts houses sold parts to off the street customers at list price. In the late fifties, the parts houses started selling to counter traffic at the same price as the garages. Then tne customers wanted a free diagnosis from the shops, so they could buy the part at jobber cost and find a shade tree.

It had a real effect on our family. The shop was in Killeen, Texas where Fort Hood is. At the same time this happened, which took some of the profit and all of the ability to stand behind the work away, about all of the troops at Fort Hood were shipped out to Lebanon. With the troops, the commerce in Killeen died.

This left us moving to a different city and my Dad taking on another career which worked well for us in the long run.

I'm not proposing that the shops get better prices, but it is important that they have control of the parts they use.

I'm sure that those people who tried to get free diagnosis and then find the shade tree, had no idea what they were doing to our family. But the result was the same, our family was disrupted and it took awhile to get back to normal.

Thanks for pointing these things out to everyone at Mshop.

Have a great day,
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