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You are missing the point. The parts here (all three brands) are top quality. You buy them, ask me a question and I will spend my time helping YOU fix your car. I would leave this site in a day if I thought what you propose was the norm.

I realize that it is human nature to try and beat the system. Do you also butt in lines. Believe me that when driving and when going to Disney I do my best to intellectually Butt the line. When waiting at a bus stop I strategically position my waiting space with such in mind. Believe me, I would never go to Disney if they allowed a mob to wait outside a door. I might even go back now that they will allow you to pay a price to Butt in line.

Read Larry's good comments to see more of these results of what I am saying.

So you paid $2k when you should have paid 4. (most tickets have equal amounts of parts and labor). I call your mindset the HomeDepot effect. There is a current country western hit about Walmarts putting all the little guys out of business. You say such is life, I say do you really like what's left. Call up Donnie and Bill when they get their new shop open and see if they will make breakfast with your eggs!

Ask your tech if his shop pays for his health insurance!! Where the H do you think this comes from. I am looking to hire the lead tech from one of my competitors right now. He told me the other night that he is the Vice President of the firm so the owner can avoid paying workers comp. He gets no health benefits but his wife works for an insurance company. How many of the legal, health, environmental costs of repairing a car do you wish to bypass. I don't cut any corners and still produce a competative product. My health insurance costs are as great as my morgage on my million dollar facility. I paid $150k (5 years ago) for the house I live in. No boat. Two weeks vacation every year after 25.

And as to warrantee, when those brakes are squeeling next week, who is responsible; the parts or the installer. This is why I won't ever have this discussion in my shop. I FIX IT, I WARRANTEE it, no mumbo jumbo.
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