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I have been watching this forum for about a month and have
learned alot from this site on MB. I am also a private shop
owner and service all types of auto & truck. When a customer
ask if they can supply there own parts I explain to them that all garages make profit off parts they sell and i have
no problem installing there parts but i will have to add the
parts profit to installation labor and there will not be any
type of warranty on work performed. I also make notation of
this on invoice and have them sign off on it. I also explain
to them that i can get the same part slightly cheaper then
they can and it is cheaper in the end to let me supply parts. For some reason most people dont know this and act
suprised that we make a profit on parts as if it is some kind of secret and we are able to stay in business just off
of labor charges. But i find it easy to be upfront with customers and let them know how it really is and have them
sign off on invoice stating this was explained to them.
I have alot of respect for steve, he is obviously a very
experienced tech and i have learned alot from his post.
But i have noticed over the past month that he has a very
short temper with people on this site and is probabley scaring some people away. At the same time i do realise he is posting every day to what probabley seems like really stupid questions but he should take it easy on some of these people.
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