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Just came back from running all over town this morning, then after a car wash and a day later, I still can't get the car to keep running. I've checked everything basic: Oil, plug wires, choke, antifreeze and even removed and put back on the vacuum lines to the carb and I still get this order of events, coupled with a really hard re-start attempt.

The car has been idling rough (shuddering) at traffic lights for a month or so (getting increasingly worse) so I figured something must have been on the blink and then died. I'm over my head now. I just changed the fuel pump in December, so that can't be it. I wonder if the diaphragm on my Stromberg 175 CD might have worn out (I rebuilt the carb a year ago February)

If anyone has any remote idea as what to check next before I call my mechanic and transfer the problem, I'd much appreciate it.

Thanks Guys,


1976 230 (4 Cyl Gas)
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