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Well, I did it.
On Saturday I serviced my car for the first time, oil, oil filter, spark plugs and air filter.
Everything went fine, even though the oil filter was very tricky to remove.
It all runs better than ever, and it is a really good feeling to know that I did it!
Also, after an e-mail from Mervyn on this forum, showing me his cool grille on his W126 I did the same.
I removed the old plastic grille insert, sprayed it matte black, and put on some extra chrome. Instead of the six horixontal strips, I now have 14. It looks fantastic. I will post the pics on Monday when I get to work. Thanks to Mervyn for the great idea, I recommend it to every 126 owner.
I just want to say thankyou to everyone who helped me by giving me great tips on servicing my car for the first time, and to Mervyn for the great grille idea.

Thanks everyone!
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