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I agree with both TXBill and Mike. Another idea is to get out and network a little. If you want a good price you have to be patient and you have to work a little. Put a nice looking for sale sign on the car and take it around to a few good car club events (MBCA, European or performace car clubs). Often you'll find people there who will appreciate the car as much as you do and who will be willing to pay you what it is worth. Have you read "The Millionare Next Door"? There is some good advice there. It tell about this one couple who saved tonnes of money on cars by buying good cars from people who were in a hurry to sell, and they could tell who was. I would suggest that if you want both a bigger car and to get a good price for the one you have now to get a loan and buy the new one and be patient selling the old one. One you do sell it use the proceeds to pay off the loan. I bought my car after 6 months of patient searching. I could have bought several a lot sooner but I would have paid more for them. I finally found a guy who had a car I wanted and was in a hurry to sell (needed the money for something). I got the car for considerably less than it was worth. I think you'll get results worth your time taking the car to car club events. Most of the time people there are really into their cars and they may know someone looking for a car like yours.

Good luck
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