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Hey everyone...
I just got the Avantegarde Sports Grille for my 1991 190E. Its basically an insert that replaces the old grille. Anyways, my mechanic had a very hard time putting the grille into the chrome frame. After many tries, he finally got it in there. As for the little pull switch that is used to open the hood through the grille, my mechanic had to cut one of the inner strips so the switch could fit in. But now the problem is this...

The little switch pulley is sticking out too far that I can see it hanging out from the grille. And plus... when i try to pop open the hood by pulling the switch, the hood won't open! I mean I love the look of this grille... many people who saw it said it made the car look more agressive, but I can't live like this. PLEASE help me! HELP!
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