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I previously owned a 1991 300D 2.5 with 158,000 miles. Last summer the car was involved in an accident and the insurance co. declared it a total. I spent about 5 weeks before settling with them; using the time to find what similar vehicles were selling for and also thinking about finding an exact replacement or even possibly having it repaired. My car was also well cared for but I gradually came to the realization that I could never sell it (before being wrecked)for what it was personally worth to me. I settled for $12,500 realizing that I would have been lucky to get that price if I had tried to sell the car. With cash in hand I considered a similar replacement but concluded why should I buy someone elses high mileage vehicle? I found a pristine 1995 E320 with 70,000 miles and all dealer records. The headgasket had been replaced and the car still had 30 mos. or 32,000 miles left on a transferable extended warranty. For $4,400 more I was able to upgrade by 4 years and have a car with one-half the mileage plus warranty. Bottomline, there are a lot of well cared for Mercedes to choose from. Consider yourself lucky if you find a buyer at $11,500 or $12,000.

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