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Thanks for the input. I know that I am asking more than KBB book, but I feel that the right buyer will come along sooner or later. The car itself is rare and I feel that KBB sets the market, as strictly up to supply/demand. I have had many people call and a few people made offers as high as $13,000, but I am determined and I turned them down. I am looking to get $14,500 and will wait, I am not in a hurry. I have my new car already. You probably think it is crazy, but I seriously have every single record for the car, from the window sticker to the paper recipts for each time the car's book was stamped. The car has been garaged from day one and as Mike Yox can testify, it is a 10 on a scale of 1 - 10. I am patient and will just keep driving her until my buyer comes in.
Keep up the good work everyone.

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