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Remeber how the W140 glove box had to be slammed shut? I got creative today and decided to fix it.

1) the latch mechanism:
removed the box itself to access the two screws that hold the latch in place. Loosened-up and moved the latch forward a little. Retightened the two screws.

2) the "striker" on the compartment door:
after years of slamming, this metal clip had come loose off the plastic that holds it, in fact boken. This part is accessed by unscrewing the inner face of the compartment door and looking in between. To take care of this, I drilled a small hole in the metal clip and in a matching spot in the plastic...for a small rivet. This whole part, plastic face with clip is part number 140 680 1098.

Put everything back together and it's done, closes with ease. 30 minute job, end of the slamming.
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