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Hi all if you remember a few months ago I mentioned I had a brake squeal. Well today I did the front brake pads, and used a tube of anti squeal on each pad side for the front, and on the spring clip and retaining pins like the DIY article said. I have done brakes before, so I used it as a check list instead.

When doing the front left which is where I had the squeal, I found the disc was very loose. I pulled out the allen wrench and tightened down the adjustment bolt, and it was back in and not loose.

It was a shock to find out it was soo loose, and probably unsafe.

For those of you with a squeal, this might be something to check if you just did your brakes.

I will do the rears soon.

I think I caught the pads just before the sensor light was going to come on, because the right side was just about to break through the sensor.

The pads on the car were Jurid. I put on New textars. I'm not concerned about the brake dust, I wanted OE Pads. I tested them out, and the worked great.

The brakes were smooth, no more grinding feeling or anything like that anymore.

I ran tests from slow speeds and high speeds slamming on the brakes, and the car just stops on a dime now.

I even did a downhill 60-0 run, and the car stopped quick and solid and did not shudder, squeal, fade, skip, or lock, it just stopped.

The pedal feels great, and very responsive now. What a difference new pads make.

I feel much better now, and I know my car appreciates it as much as I do. If there is one thing to me that is as important as seat belts, its good brakes.

I highly recommend you check the adjustment bolt on the discs and for any play or wobble due to looseness.

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