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It is completely normal under certain climatic conditions to lose freon over time. Being originally from upstate NY where the summers are quite toasty and the winters damn cold this happens a lot! Not uncommon to add freon every other year on some vehicles! It happens when using Defrost in the winter since it activates the AC Compressor when engaged to suck the moisture out of the air! The compresssor cycling in that cold air before the engine warms causes the Freon to leak out the seals. Now you are in florida so you probably don't get that cold but the principle still applies so it may just have leaked down over the last 6 years time to a level that of course is too low for the Compressor to activate anymore. Also could be something as simple as a pressure switch or other sensor. Not sure how many are on the newer MB's but my 190E has something like 4 or 5 odd sensors that all must be working properly for the AC to function. I am still working on getting AC to work in normal mode, it only works in Max mode now and keeps the compressor constantly on. It will not engage when the normal button is pushed. So I someday need to replace the Hi/Lo pressure switch and see if that works, I have it just not in the car yet!! Good luck and hopefully she just needs a recharge!
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