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Redline says 25% coolant


First off, I didn't expect moly to fix my car. My short term rattle during start up was explained to me as dry hydraulic lifters, that have to be pumped back up when my car first starts up (after being off several hours), a common problem on older cars. I was told that moly, the miracle lubricant that it is, might keep the lifter surfaces coated and the seals lubricated to a point that it might help reduce this effect. It didn't. That's all. I am just passing on my experience. I also keep very tight tabs on my gas mileage. It hasn't changed either. As for the coolant, red line says in their literature that reducing the normal 50/50 mixture to 25% antifreeze/75% water will help further reduce your coolant temperature (water conducts heat away better than antifreeze). I used that prestone water especially "formulated" for car radiators, with the 25/75 mix. I really can't tell any difference here, either.

I know we all want our cars to run better, faster, get better mileage, run cooler, etc. Just remember how many people were fooled into believing that slick 50 was a miracle lubricant, and how long it took people to catch on to this fraud. I'm just trying to save people some money. If I run across a miracle in a bottle, you guys will be the first to know. I'm still trying different things, I just haven't found anything that I am absolutely convinced has improved my cars performance. You'll have to excuse me now, I have to go pull out my Bosch + 4's and put regular copper ones back in because someone said my car will run better with copper. Good luck, choose carefully, Wayne Reynolds
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