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I'm not an expert and it's been far too long since my Organic class in college so take my answer for what it is.....speculation.

There are many forms of Silicone on the market and each obviously have their own characteristics. Some silicones may be bad for paint and others I'm sure are not. I doubt most respected manufacturers would put a harmful chemical in their product that will eventually damage your paint. Yes silicone will make things difficult should you need to repaint your car but that is not what you're asking. Silicone found in newer products is put there to enhance the shine/gloss of your paint. A good example of a product containing a silicone that works well is Meguiars Final Detail (renamed Last Touch). I know many on this board can attest to the qualities of this product and I'm sure none have had adverse affects. I've been using it for nearly two years without a problem.

Hopefully someone in the business can chime in with some scientific answers.

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