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Changed Glow Plugs on dads 92 2.5 turbo and I think I screwed something up....


Well so I decided to change the GLOW PLUGS on my dads 1992 300D 2.5. It did take me a while to do since all the damn things I had to take off in order to get to the plugs. It all went pretty smooth without incident except the OVERFLOW LINES that go from injector to injector. I touched them and they disinegrated like magic. It was pretty unbelievable. I thought to myself that I will get new ones tomorrow which I have yet to do till MONDAY. So I put everything together and started the car with the new BOSCH glowplugs and it runs like crap. It shakes and runs rough. Basically it ran better until I touched it.

I'm thinking that it has something to do with the overflow lines not being there. I did not think that the lines mattered in engine performance. Today I will hit up the stealership to get the lines.

Any ideas ? Did I do something wrong ?

Audi TT
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