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Okay . . . the wiring layout for my Ice Cube (replacement for Klima) is #1 > #85, #10 > #86, #5 > #30 and #7 > #87.

The ground coming in at #10 is present i.e. battery voltage with #10 (-) & #5 (+) reads battery voltage.

Tach is working properly as is speed sensor test.

The emergency cutout temperature switch results in < 1 volt when tested at #5 (+) and #12 (-).

I am uncertain if you mean the micro-switch for full throttle as to your reference to the throttle linkage. If so, where I should be getting battery voltage at #4 of the Klima socket I get zero. Unplugging the connector at the bottom of the micro-switch does not change it one way or the other.

I am wondering if the lack of battery voltage at #4 is indicating that the micro-switch portion of the circuit is the problem. If I understand it correctly, when it operates correctly there would be battery voltage until the micro-switch passes full-throttle and cuts the compressor for extra hp. This is where I am stuck . . .
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