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Overflow lines missing will do nothing but dribble copious amounts of diesel fuel down the side of the engine, no other effect on running.

If you remove the injector lines, you have air in them. It's also possible that you don't have the wires connected correctly to the new GPs, so they don't work, this will make the engine run rough until it warms up a bit. How long did you run it? Not long, I'd bet!

You don't need to remove anything to change the glow plugs if you have a 1/4" drive ratchet set and some swivels and swivel sockets, they are all (barely) reachable.

Also check to make sure you didn't break the wires to the rack positioner solenoid on the back of the injection pump, this will cause the idle to drop to about 500 rpm and shake like crazy.

Last, if you didn't get them sealed correcly, you will have low compression on the affected cylinders, and it will run very badly. check for air leaking out around the glow plugs.

Those overflow lines can be VERY brittle -- the ones on my brother's 300SDL broke like glass when I changed them, rock hard. Do make SURE you have all of the old rubber off -- Sam's left a ring of hardened stuff on there that would simply split the new tubing right off. Make sure you don't scratch the nipples on the injectors, too!

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