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The A/C Diag link presented is handy, but I am getting complete blank-out of my AC display. It either works perfectly, or it becomes completely unresponsive or even blanks out. When this happens, it blows at about 80% blower and pours heat out everywhere.

When it does this, I DO get a check engine light, so I figure a code reader would tell me what's up.

BIG QUESTION: Tell me about the wiring harness issue. The dealer alluded to this earlier but I thought it was BS. Tell me what wiring harness we are talking about, why it fails, where is the best place to get a replacement, how tedious the replacement job is, and whether it is okay to just solder on a new harness end connector...

Is it possible/probable that a harness issue is causing my AC issues?

Thanks for any help.

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