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Wayne Reynolds

Your reply was sent to me to answer. Others may have recieved it as well.
You, our knight in shinning armour, trying your best to save us poor mortals from BLOWING our hard earned bucks is to be commended.
Not many that I know were bilked into putting Teflon in our crankcases.
MoS2 is another matter and no discussion to someone so opinionated on the matter is required.
If we put all of the snake oil remodies in our gastanks and crankcases we would be manufacturing fuel not consumming it.
MoS2 did improve my fuel consumption, not much but every little bit helps.
Red Line offers many excellent products ie. Synthetic oils that surpass the allmity Mobil I, Water wetter a surphactent that DOESNOT reduce the proper dillution of de-mineralized H2O : Red Coolant as determined by all the automanufacturers and the coolant manufacturers.
The formula protects the non ferrous components in the cooling system of all modern engines.
Should, and let's hope you don't have a corrosion problem, go to Red Line with your tail of woe, after all you did follow thier guide lines.
I,m sorry to see you change from your B +4 plugs just because of something you overheard.
Most of us familiar with the nature of the beast use copper cored(the cheap ones) spark plugs and ignite them with MSD or Jacob's Systems. That little bit that helps.
Now after reading this small book, you may ask yourself how does this quack come off telling me like it is?
As you said, "just passing on words of wisdom, or something to that effect.
I don't know what other matters you brought to the forum, possibly some other member will join in, but until then,
Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston!!!
Donald, El Cheapo

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