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Did you check Arthur's photo sketch? If you were in my place would you think he didn't like my computer (keyboard special) drawing?

Kidding aside, thanks to both of you. I got as far as attempting to check the voltage actions of terminals 5 & 10 with my TWO meters. The first one is a meter I bought about thirty years ago when I owned/operated a service station. It relies on the battery for the primary + & - leads and provides a voltage + clip/probe and one for testing ohms. Being digital, I tried to use the negative cable on terminal 10 but the meter won't work that way. So I hooked it up to the battery as I normally would and individually tested 5 & 10 just to see if voltage was present. I was surprised to find 0.34 volts at 10 while battery voltage was at 5. Next I used my little muti meter knowing it would not allow for small voltage readings. However, it does work directly with two probes. I checked with 5 (+) and 10 (-) and got the desired results switching the PB Controls on and off of AC. I will need to redo my ice cube wires tomorrow since my old bulldog suddenly showed signs of distress. He has a bad heart and has had three conversions. Being my best pal his last days find me staying as near as possible (hated to travel to Manchester today). Sorry for the long explanation yet I wanted to let you know I really appreciate the help and also that I am moving as quickly as possible to follow the advice. By the way, ultimately I want to find the problem and go back to the Klima. I am not so concerned with the risk of undetected compressor failure since I am very accute to any changes in noise and other operational issues. Kickdown is nice and the extra power under full throttle likewise, however in the meantime AC would be better.

I need to find and read (I have the CDs, MB Climate manual, and Haynes) the procedures for checking the compressor clutch gap and acceptable cleaning methods. Typically I use electromotive cleaner for anything electrical but I am not certain if it is advisable on AC (never watched any of my mechanics working on AC when I had my station). I love doing this stuff and wish I had another eight weeks straight of vacation (just finishing my eight) to keep sorting. Okay, too long. Its been one of those days and Brier (bulldog) isn't up to eating so he certainly doesn't want to listen/read my ranting.

I'll keep you posted and thanks again.
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