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Just had oil pan down on the 84 380se to replace right rear
piston due to previous owners misfortune of leaving one of
the metal washers for mounting the air cleaner assembly on
top of the engine inside the air filter. And guess what happened when he ran the engine after putting the air filter
housing back on. You got it, washer ended up in right rear
cylinder and ruined piston and cylinder head. Which brings me to the point of the rod bearing looking like new still
with 130000 miles on it and I was the first person to look inside crank case since it was new. There was a lot of tarnish build up inside of engine also which is a good sign of lack of oil changes. If this engine which is 17 years old and has not been properly maintained still has like new
bearings in it and since putting it back together has been running great with no bearing noise then what is the point of adding engine oil additives? These cars run forever with out them. Out of all the makes and models I work on these
cars are by far the best I have ever seen.
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