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California AB 2683 down to the wire 8/26

Here's the latest status as of about noon, Thursday, 8/26. I believe the following information is accurate, but could be subject to change.

The legislature has agreed to end the current biennial session tomorrow, Friday, 8/27, though they may end up working past midnight.

The Senate amendment, though not clear, appears to waive only the visual inspection requirement for cars over 35 years old, but they will still have to have a tailpipe test.

Because the Senate amended the bill, the Assembly must consider it again. If you go to the Legislation -2683 - Status or History section of or you will see that the Assembly sent the bill back to the Senate as of yesterday without a vote. I have been unable to obtain any details of what is going on, but there is obviously some horsetrading in progress, and I believe the governor's office is involved.

IF AB 2683, in a common form, fails to achieve a majority by both the Senate and Assembly, it will die with the end of the current legislative session, tomorrow.

What's important now is to send another e-note. Use the "Comment" path after clicking on "Legislation" at and copy and paste your comments onto and e-mail directly to your Senator and Assembly Member.

We all need to do this before we retire for the evening, today!

If AB 2683, in some common form, does receive a majority "Aye" vote in both houses within approximately the next 36 hours it will go to the governor.

The governor has three options:

1. Within 30 days, sign the bill into law
2. Within 30 days, veto the bill
3. Do nothing, after 30 days the bill becomes law

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