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got the car back from the shop...mech there said they were full and couldnt acomodate the car till next week but ask him to give it a look over.

he said that the electrical wiring was in shambles and some of the connectors are lose. an hour later and $10 of clips and stuff and the cars idle problem is gone. in traffic it no longer stumbles of idle and even after giving it a go for some time and stopping on a dime the idle remains rock solid!! what did he do, he wont tell me cus' its his secret?! any ideas?

now there seems to be a new bug, actually an old bug that made itself more evident as a completely different problem.

when i rev my car in 1st it blitz past the redline and even the shift line...good fro about 7000+ rpm, 2nd gear comes and it wont rev past 6000, 3rd 5000 and so on?

huh? i am confused...with the shop fully booked for sometime i cant stop racking my head for a probable answer and cant get any peace.

i gave the engine a compression test and leak down test an it passed w/ flying colors. havent been able to check valve timing and ignition advance,yet. gave it the old racer test (put your face to the exhaust and if its hot and stings the eye...) crude but gives a good idea...its hot and hurt my eye, for good measure I changed the oil,fuel and air filter along woth new oil and spark plugs...all due for change anyway.

Once again im at a loss, any assistance is very much welcomed. thanks in advance

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