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You are probably not hallucinating . . . its just I was lost from before starting since I did not know where & how to set the air gap. That being said, thank you for the instructions because I will have NO problem following them. Though I own a number of pullers, I will check to see if they have one at the local parts shops for AC pulleys. I noticed the lack of room when I changed to the newer type vacuum pump w/o having to remove the fan & front portion of the shroud. Being the careful type and having reasonably good right/left dexterity, I should be able to accomplish it w/o damaging the radiator.

I'll keep you two posted and also be anxious to try my new temperature probe on the cold air that will be coming through the vents.

P.S. Tried my new digital multi meter on the Klima socket tonight with terminals 5 & 10. It worked like a charm giving me < 1 volt in digital. Should have updated my equipment long ago. The audible feature was a help since I didn't have to take my eyes from the probe placement as I went all over the place checking resistance (olde boys with new play toys).

My two sons (24 & 25) and their friends have really started to take an interest in my '87 300TD. They wanted to borrow it for their Friday night trip to Epping, NH drag raceway. They all drive the new vehicles yet wanted to take my diesel wagon . . .
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