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Lots of discussion on this in the archives, and lots of references for bulbs and headlight suppliers. Basically, according to some of the sites and magazines that have performed tests, the blue super white bulbs are no more powerful than stock, are focused to be slightly brighter in the center, are more dim in the periphery, suffer decreased visibility in the rain, and run somewhat more hot in the reflector. Overwattage bulbs have a chance of damaging your wiring - you should install relays and heavier guage wire. Stock wattage bulbs are available worldwide in "premium" versions that focus more low beam light on the road, but are still hindered by the miserable US lens/reflector.

Bottom line: If you want more light on the road, the only way is with Euro lights. Once you correct the deficient lighting, then worry about what color bulbs, wiring, wattage, or whatever.

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