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Exclamation This Sux!!

Ok, I have my new Evap Temp Sensor ready to go, but
I am drawn aghast at my inability to locate where to plug her into.

I have edited an email below to my compadre Sokoloff, who has so kindly shared is EC staying lit problem(A/C not engaging) with me.


"Ok I have the drivers side underdash panel removed. In addition I removed the adjacent panel under the steering wheel. I am disappointed at the trouble I am having trying to locate the Evap Temp Sensor. You stated in your previous email that the sensor would be located on the driver side, high up on the console. Can you possibly clarify for this big knucklehead here, by where high up on the console is(:

From my contorted vantage point of looking up at the underdash compartment area, straight above I can see the back of the instrument cluster which includes the speedometer and odometer, etc. Then to the left (towards the center console) there are some bundled wires and I can see the air-flow housing that goes from my left to right, spilling into the terminating driver side vent. I can not seem to locate the sensor."

Can someone/anyone!! here share there technical expertise and help to get this sensor home?? Thanks all for any input you can offer.
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