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electric fan...

Donald: I'm glad to see that others are doing this. I recently replaced my clutch fan with a 16" SPAL and aside from being noisy when running I really like the "upgrade". Since this car (1981 380SL) will never tow or carry more than one other person I'm not worried about overheating-even in San Diego. I also put in a "ram air" intake similar to yours. It took me a while to figure out where to place the inlet but things worked out nice. Next thing I'd like to do is an ignition upgrade. I'm not sure whether to go with Jacobs or MSD. I used the Jacobs ultra street setup on my 16v Jetta but didn't really notice a difference. I even seemed to have problems with it interferring with the car's ignition electronics. Anyway, I sold the kit with the car when I got my 380. Now I'd like to give it a chance with this car. I'm still deciding on who to go with. The nice thing about Jacobs is their "EZ" installation, but MSD sounds like a good buy as well. -Jim380
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