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Ruby Tuesday
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This is a three part question. First, upon entering the search section of this forum and requesting information on (Gas Pedal)/(Gas Pedal Repair)/ and finally (Gas-Pedal) the same page returned and to my frustation nothing with any links or info relating to my request, mostly tranny stuff etc.etc. WHY?? And secondly where may I obtain this very needed info on gas pedal repair or replacement. Mine appears to have gone south for the winter. It seems the pedal has seperated from the steel linkage rod that angles it`s way thru the FireWall. When depressing the rod itself
fuction is a normal smooth acceleration. With the pedal it`s like pulling teeth. What appears to be on the very end of the rod is a plastic like piece that can be turned by hand and seems as if it may have been attached to the back side of the pedal. The back of the pedal has a piece of rubber, hinged and shaped like a square O and is free on three sides and at the bottom connects to the pedal. If the pedal must be replaced would the steel-rod have to be replaced and fed thru the FW ? And if not is there magic involved to the correct repair? Having exceeded three questions I am at your merceronary descretion to pick as you so choose. Having gone with two 4-5 hr cat naps since
Sunday I am so looking forward to getting out of town for the day tomorrow. Plowing straight thru has got me climbing
the walls and if anyone can relate I need that suttle but accelerating feeling to regain some assemblance to life
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