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After all my efforts to sell my car for a hig price, I had a gentleman come over tonight to look at my car. He coincidently was from Europe and knew about my car and took it for a 2 mile drive. Without any emotion, he pulled out $14,000 cash and asked if I would mind dropping the car off at his place tonight. I do not know what came over me, but I told him that it was no longer for sale. I thought long and hard about this and here is why I decided not to sell her. I only wanted to get a bigger car for the baby stuff, but when I go out the whole family goes out together in the truck. I started to think about how long it took me to locate this car (6 months) and how much I love the car. The only reason I wanted to get rid of her was for more room. My friend thinks I am crazy, but I absolutely love this car.
What do you think??
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