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Reading codes ...

Originally Posted by Arthur Dalton
>>No codes (single blink) and the only abnormality is a slightly fluctuation in idle speed (between 500 - 700 rpm).

Need someone to give me a clue of the probable causes and a sequence of tests I could perform to find them and get them fixed.
No codes stored on led/sw is just Check Engine module.
Are you getting a single flash [ no codes stored ] on pin #8 ???
You want to see what is stored on the HFM-SFI module. [ pin 8 with a homemade led tool]
That will give you fuel/ignition malfunction any

Thank you and sorry for my late reply. Indeed I was building a LED Tool to properly check the codes.

My E320 is an early 94 (manufactured 07/93) with M104 engine. I checked all active pins, with results as follows:

Pin 4 (CEM) - 1 flash
Pin 7 - 1 flash
Pin 8 - 1 flash
Pin 10 - No flash
Pin 14 - 11
Pin 16 - burned fuse after fuse (3 total), couldn't read

I built the LED tool as described in Jim Forgione's site, except that I couldn't find the 0.1 amp fuse and used 0.25 amp instead (lowest I found).

I don't have a "code table" so I am not able to interpret the results above. Could you translate them?

I am concerned with no flash in Pin 10 and the fuses burning while trying to read through pin 16.

I also noticed that, while the ignition switch was on and the hood open, there was a constant noise coming from the throttle valve. I never heard that before, although I never had the hood open with the ignition on. Is that noise normal ?

This is my first MB. I bought it used 3 1/2 years ago from the original owner. It had 73K miles at the time and was in great condition. I have been doing myself all the maintenance (except the 120K revision - took it to the dealer to double check - considered excellent at the time). However, this is the first time I face something not "purely mechanical" and I need to learn about it.

I noticed you have been giving great advice in the Forum and I am glad you answered my thread.
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