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Originally Posted by Arthur Dalton
Code 11 is Closed throttle recognition fault or Electronic accellerator [EA]problem.
First thing is to see if the cable has a little slack It should and there is an adjustment . Also check that the pedal is working free [ nut bunched up rug, etc]

The reason for blown fuse on pin 16 is that pin 16 is actually Pos12v , not a diagnostic plug.
Pin 10 is mute
The tool you made is universal , whereas the one for your car specific would use pin 1 for ground, pin 16 for B+, and the other lead will be the probe/test lead that goes to the designated sockets.
You can modify your by simply putting banna plugs on the pos and neg ends of the tool and use pin 1 and 16 for power...then you do not use the battery for power, rather , all 3 bannas go to the diagnostic socket.
I will check the cable and adjust it. Pin 16 being +12V explains the blown fuses. How about the noise coming from the throttle valve ?
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