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Argh ! Well, I did the idiot check and unfortunately, I'm not so lucky as to have found a problem. I took apart the carburetor, replaced the diaphragm, pulled off and checked the choke to see if its sticking and nothing wrong there.

I will replace the coil and the condensor on the weekend and see. The engine is definately flooding, though. The fuel filter I have is quite full with gas (more that usual)

I wonder if the coil and condensor replacement doesn't work, if I may have a serious Vacuum problem. I have a vacuum tank in the trunk on the passenger side and a charcoal cannister, providing some vacuum to the carb.

Have any of you had any bad experiences with these things?
Can the cannister be re-built or does it need to be replaced ? What about the Vacuum tank.

Thanks again for all your input, I WILL FIND THE PROBLEM !


1976 230.4 W115
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